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Dr. Franklin's Island (Readers Circle) - Ann Halam (Side note - My first official review on Goodreads!)

I picked this up at a used bookstore, not thinking it would be any good, but it was cheap and I needed something quick and easy to read.

Well, I was right on two out of three. It was definitely a quick read - if I had the time, I could have read the whole thing in one sitting. It was easy. It was also very good.

The book is told from the Semirah's point of view. She, as well as 49 others, win a contest to be part of the British Young Conservationists who are working in Ecuador. On the way there, their plane crashes, and Semirah, Miranda, and Arnie are the only three survivors on a deserted island. After some time though, they find out they're not as alone as they thought.

Dr. Franklin is a scientist involved in the works of transgenics. He's coming up with a way to create animals mixed with humans. Think about it - a human, who can change into a bird. He kidnaps Semi and Miranda and makes them his first human guinea pigs, turning Miranda into the previously mentioned bird, and Semi into a manta ray.

This book was surprisingly well-written and interesting. I honestly read until late at night, fell asleep reading it, and then continued it the next morning once I woke up. I'd highly recommend it.