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Timepiece - Myra McEntire I had never read Hourglass until I saw Timepiece on Netgalley. It was on my mountainous TBR, but I had just never remembered to get a copy. Once I got auto-approved for this, I requested it from my library, waited (im)patiently, and read it within a day. Then read Timepiece the very next day.

I don't want to do a synopsis because I feel like anything I write will be very spoiler-y. So I'm going to skip that part and just write my opinions on the book, hopefully without telling anything about what's going on.

Hourglass, the first in the series, was written totally in Emerson's point of view. With Timepiece, the point of view switched to Kaleb. I had mixed emotions on this. On one hand, I was super excited, because I fell in love with Kaleb in Hourglass, but on the other hand, it left me a bit disconnected. I felt emotionally pulled in with Emerson, and opened Timepiece expecting to continue reading from Emerson right where we left off at the end of the first. I got confused for a bit until it finally connected with me that it wasn't Emerson talking. Once I understood that, it made things a bit easier. From that point on, I liked Timepiece a lot more.

In Timepiece, Kaleb really grew as a character. He went from a womanizing guy to a man who fell in love with Lily, Emerson's best friend. In such a short amount of time, he became someone that made me love him even more. I really loved his relationship with Lily and how he didn't get her easily. She actually made him work for it, which he had never had in the past.

The time travel in this series is still my favorite by far. There's a ton of rules to it, which is hard to keep track of, but the intricacies and twists and turns make it so much more fun. It continuously grows and morphs into something new, so it makes each page have an unexpected twist.

Timepiece was a great book, and I loved everything about it. It's going to be a book I buy an actual physical copy of once it comes out.

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